Kristie Cotton

IMG_27061 (1)            Hi my name is Kristie Cotton. I would like to write a short introduction about myself before posting what I hope to be educational blogs. My mission is to promote knowledge of the horses mind and body, encouraging positive riding and handling experiences.

I was obsessed with horses for as long as I can remember. I was able to take my first riding lessons at the age of 9. I learned from a fabulous teacher that believed in keeping me on a longe line until I had complete balance at all three gaits. There was no paying for lessons, they were in trade for keeping the barn, tack and the Welsh pony I learned on absolutely immaculate. After begging every second of every day for a few years, I was given the gift of my own horse. She was a Morgan Arabian cross that was to become my greatest teacher at that time.

We explored every area of the forest in the Shadow/Black mountain areas of Conifer, Colorado. Back then, it was rare to find too many houses blocking trails and the roads were dirt. Almost everyone had a horse in their yard so it was great to ride with friends galloping and jumping over whatever we could find. Soon enough, my one horse wasn’t enough to fuel my passion. I began knocking on doors of horse owners in the neighborhood to inquire about riding their horses. I had noticed they were not being ridden and I dreamed of riding every horse that I saw. Of course this was a time when people were not in fear of liabilities due to injury. The few people that let me know their horses were too dangerous to ride, I begged to fix them. That was it, by the age of 14, I was enamored by each horses difficulty and how I could help them. In reality, I was learning from the best educators possible, the horses themselves.

At the age of 15, I began working with colts and yearlings. Teaching them to lead, pick up feet and stand tied. Arabian breeding farms were very popular in the 80’s. I was able to participate with very experienced ranch hands. Around this time, I also spent a short time at Aqueduct race track in New York with my Aunt. She was a groom at the time, soon to become a trainer. Time with her, I learned the importance of keeping an athlete healthy and fit. Establishing confidence in the overall care and handling of horses.

I started my own teaching and training business at the age of 24, I enjoyed teaching children from a local daycare using my own personal horse. She was a Thoroughbred Morgan cross. I also began focusing on what I loved to study, Dressage Principles. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from great instructors such as Kathryn Meistrell, Bridget Milnes, Kelly Boyd, and Dolly Hannon.  Re- locating back to the Evergreen, Conifer area, I spent most of my career working at a private ranch teaching adults and children horsemanship skills. I was also responsible for keeping up to 14 horses trained and safe on the mountain trails.

I am currently furthering my education with the In hand therapy course offered by Jean Luc Cornille. It is an advanced knowledge of the horses physiology and biomechanics used to correct lameness and behavioral issues. I am now seeking to feed my passion of teaching and training by travelling to those in need of change in the relationship with their horse. I believe that solid foundations in horsemanship skills as well as educated training for the horse needs to be an important part of any horse lover’s journey. I now have two adult children as well as a pre-teen. Horses have been a huge part of their lives and I am thankful that they have experienced relation with such a powerful yet loving creature as the horse.14196103_10207125981136055_4061261659132692463_o


One thought on “Kristie Cotton

  1. Kristi is best trainer anyone could ask for. She truly cares about not only you but also the horse!!!! I absolutely love her and her fun/ knowledgable lessons. She has done so much for both my family and my horses and I just can’t recommend her enough! She is absolutely fabulous and anyone is lucky to have her as a trainer!!


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